Location visual effects supervision

Shadow provided location Visual Effects Supervision for Gareth Edwards' all-action drama for The BBC. The hour-long biopic of one of the most famous warriors in history depicts Attila shaping his Empire and the world around him by sheer force, courage and greed.

Tony and Luke travelled to Bulgaria to direct the 2nd Unit for the hundreds of green-screen shots required to turn a few dozen actors and stuntmen into the hundreds of thousands needed for the Director Gareth Edward's epic battle scenes.

Shot in 7 days on a disused Soviet missile base in the foothills around Vakarel, the production used a huge outdoor syke to capture hundreds of separate elements of Roman and Hun soldiers, calvary, and stunts to duplicate into the huge number of effects shots that Edwards later created for his drama.

"The big thing about Attila is the battles - rendered in Lord of the Rings-type widescreen, with the best CGI effects you have ever seen on a TV show."
Caitlan Moran - The Times

Attila was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for Visual Effects.