This has led to numerous RTS and BIMA nominations and awards in recent years, but more importantly to us, our clients our happy with what we do for them.


We worked hand- in -hand with the Shadow Industries (SI) team to create a Virtual Reality asset on the Starship project:, this was the first time the Shell team had developed such an asset. The objective was to tell the story of Shell’s latest co-engineered vehicle in an innovative and engaging way.  It was a pleasure to work with the SI team. We valued their specialist expertise on VR and this combined with collaborative ways of working ensured we produced an asset which is impactful with a longer term shelf life. The SI team took our brief and worked in partnership with us to make the asset come to life, in good time and on budget: they also advised and counselled us on longer term management and use of the asset on a global basis.  

mary b. walsh, communications manager - shell international

The Starship AR project went flawlessly! The Team at Shadow Industries did amazing work that required little guidance and review. They took it on, delivered in record time and the resulting asset has gone over very well with the project team and also with customers. 

megan pino, global brand manager - shell international


I have worked with Shadow on two projects now and they have been nothing less than superb on both. Flexible with budgets; organised; thorough; and very creative, they are a joy to work with. At the front of the production process one of their great strengths is that they listen - they are hugely attune to the needs of the production and how they can best provide CG elements. At the back end of the production process their great virtue is that they are extremely organised: pro-active in asking for elements, they deliver on time and to budget. Above all, their work is visually terrific. I am very much looking forward to working with them again.

Mark Hedgecoe, Executive Producer - BBC


We commissioned Shadow Industries to produce a 6 minute animated fly-through of the Tree of Life. This was a challenging project since it had multiple outputs including a BBC1 documentary presented by Sir David Attenborough. Uniquely we also required that all the intermediate products were shared freely to enable professionals and amateurs alike to remix and reuse everything from the wireframes to the finished graphic. They were able to interact with broadcasters and scientists alike with equal ease and produced a stunning finished project on time and on budget. I whole-heartedly commend their work. 

Daniel Glaser, Head of Special Projects - Wellcome Trust

We commissioned Shadow to work with us on our award winning piece, 'Who Do you Really Think You Are?' An interactive film about evolution, that shows daily at the David Attenborough Studio within the Museum. This demanding project required them to work alongside the NHM and BBC IT teams to deliver key content created across various platforms for which their creative and technical expertise proved invaluable. The finished animations were visually stunning and really brought to life the extinct creatures featured in the film. Shadow worked along side scientists to ensure their animations were as realistic as possible and reflected the most up to date theories of how our ancestors looked and walked. Their attention to detail is reflected in the quality and innovation of the finished graphics and animations. I look forward to much future collaboration with them.

Ailsa Barry, Head of Interactive Media - Natural History Museum London

I commissioned Shadow Industries to provide the graphics for Prehistoric Autopsy 3 X 60 on BBC2. They have a solid background in science programming so I didn't have to teach them paleoanthropology from scratch, they understand the science. They deliver on time and on budget and their Basecamp interactive site is a great way for the team to keep across the content. They listen and you get to see examples at an early stage so you don't end up with expensive CG that isn't quite right. Our graphics had to drive eight massive video walls which was uncharted territory but they brought it all together brilliantly. Overall they're a pleasure to work with.

Graeme Thomson, Series Producer - BBC

I have worked with the guys for over a decade on a number of high profile projects for our Scandinavian Channels. Shadow Industries are always totally dedicated to making the best job possible. I have never had a mediocre experience, the results are always top quality. I love their nothing is too much trouble approach, which from my experience is not always the case in London.

Suzette Janczykowski, Head of Design - Viasat Broadcasting

When we decided to re-vamp some of the AV exhibits at our ever popular Dinosaur Gallery, we once again engaged Shadow Industries. The brief was to create 3 x 60 second animated sequences in HD showing how the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous landscapes would have looked, including dinosaurs! Scientific accuracy was paramount and Shadow worked quickly and effectively with our expert scientists to produce landscapes and dino's which looked both visually stunning, but also represented the latest in scientific knowledge. The final sequences have been very well received and made a big improvement to the Gallery. We look forward to future collaborations with the guys at Shadow.

Nick Sainton-Clark, Head of Production Services - Natural History Museum London

Shell has worked with Shadow Industries for a number of years and have found their skills in 3D and VFX absolutely invaluable. They have always proven to be extremely professional and reliable, and have been instrumental in the delivery of many often large and complex projects. An excellent company to work with.

David O'Byrne, Project Manager Video and 3D production - Shell