CG landscape creation

Situated in Ireland, to the north of County Offalay, the Clara Bog is perhaps the best remaining example of a midland raised bog in Western Europe. Designated as a Special Area of Conservation, it was classified as a Nature Reserve in 1987.

The Clara Museum plays host to AV facilities, for which Crossing The Line Productions asked Shadow to create a 3" Vue animation, depicting the formation of the Bog, for incorporation in to the short film 'Probing the Past - The Natural History of the Clara Bog'.

This depiction looks at how retreating glaciers over 10,000 years ago, would have scooped out a low-lying area south of Clara which would have become a shallow lake. How the lake would have become overgrown with reeds, and subsequently how the area would have gradually turned into a fen, and then, as the decyaing plant growth choked, how the take over of mosses formed the bog. The final part of the sequence shows how the laying down of so much peat, raised the Bog in to the dome shape that still dominates the surrounding Clara landscape.