Main film title and map animations

Weaving together hundreds of satellite scans of India, Shadow designed and animated map sequences for the feature documentary film, aiming to show the incredible journey undertaken by one lone tiger.

Through the heartbreaking story of this charismatic tiger cub, he uncovers the trail of disaster stalking the last surviving tigers on Earth.

The film conveys the personal obsession of an Irishman who has spent more time filming wild tigers than anyone on the planet. This cinema and TV documentary, charts his epic horseback journey through the Indian landscape, and his quest for the truth about what is happening to one of the the world's most iconic animals.

Shadow Industries designed and animated the film's main title sequence based on haunting images of an Indian funeral pyre. The sequence was created to provide a subtle and poignant backdrop to narrator Colin Stafford-Johnson's story of his last ever meeting with Broken Tail.

The title was designed to work for both the BBC2 version of the film, and the Irish Film Board's cinema release.

The sequence was nominated for a 2012 RTS award in the category of 'Titles & Promos'.

As well as titles, Shadow created map sequences piecing together Broken Tail's epic 800 mile attempt to flee the poachers, only to die on the outskirts of Darra.

The film has won numerous awards including the 'Grand Teton Award' - Best of festival - at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, and has recently been nominated for two Emmy's.